Trade Contractors

Plumbing / Gas / Mechanical Contractors

Must supply:

Electrical Contractors

Must supply:

  • A Section 84 State / County Business License, contact your local county business revenue / license office
  • An Alabama Electrical Contractors License, contact the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board at (334) 269-9990
  • Homeowners - Shelby County allows an individual to install and maintain electrical systems in his or her home, providing such electrical work is done by himself or herself and such home is used exclusively by himself or herself. A score of 70% allows the applicant to perform the electrical installation for the permit that is applied.  Exams are given Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. There are no fees for the exam, they are open book, and they are out of the National Electrical Code Book (provided). An exam is available for the following installations:
    • Site-built, single family homes
    • 100 ampere manufactured homes
    • 200 ampere manufactured home

Municipality Information

Municipal business licenses are required if working in the following cities: