Plan Review

Residential Plans Review

One set will be reviewed and returned to contractor or responsible party at issuance of permit .  This reviewed set must be kept on job site at all times. Plans shall be drawn neat, straight lines, and to scale.  Construction of exterior walls of dwellings and accessory buildings less than 5 feet from property line must be designed using Table R 302.1.  In areas governed by Architectural Review Committees, please contact your ARC for further requirements.

Plans must contain:

  • foundation plan: cross section and overview
  • floor plans
  • roof plan
  • front elevation view
  • rear elevation view
  • side elevation view

Commercial Plans Review

  1. One paper and one digital set is required.  The electronic copy must be submitted on a CD in a .pdf format; or they can be sent in .pdf format via email to Phillip Crunk, Inspection Services Supervisor.  The plans must include structural, architectural, plumbing, gas, mechanical, and electrical designs. The architectural plans must include a code summary / life safety plan and a scope of work. The architectural plans must be stamped by an architect licensed in the State of Alabama if the project is 2,500 square feet in size or more, if the project is an initial build-out in a building of 2,500 square feet or more, or if the project is an assembly or educational occupancy.
  2. The COMcheck compliance certificate submittal is required to verify that the building envelope and the building systems comply with the International Energy Conservation Code.
  3. The electrical plans must be stamped by an electrical engineer licensed in the State of Alabama and must include:
    • An electrical load calculation
    • Short-circuit study
    • Utilization equipment and panelboard schedules
    • Single lines for service, all feeders, separately derived systems, and major equipment branch circuits
    • Grounding electrode system and intersystem bonding requirements
    • Proposed use of the facility
    • Special requirements to comply with Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of NEC
    • Proposed communication systems
    • Verification of compliance with the 2009 IECC energy requirements


  • A stamped set of plans to be kept on the job site by the contractor or responsible party is required.
  • One set of plans must be delivered with affidavit to the local fire district.
  • The project name is required.
  • A sign permit may be required.

Note: Drawings for fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems, stamped by a professional engineer must be received prior to approval of the systems. 

Contact the Health Department at (205) 685-4178 for any and all work performed on restaurants, limited food services, mobile food services, schools, pools, day cares, or hotels / motels. One set of plans may be required.