What cannot be renewed at the ATM?
  • Boats (decals do not fit in ATM printer)
  • Registrations with a tag design change(background or lettering) – Such as God Bless/UA/AU tags
  • Registrations that require yearly eligibility documents – such as National Guard, Active Reserve, Firefighter, Rescue Squad, Fraternal Order of Police, Realtors, etc.
  • Registrations that have an active State inquiry (MLI) Mandatory Liability Insurance 

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1. What is a Shelby County Registration ATM?
2. Who can use the ATM?
3. Will I pay a fee to use the ATM?
4. What information do I need to use the ATM?
5. What can be renewed at the ATM?
6. What cannot be renewed at the ATM?
7. Who do I contact if I am unable to complete my registration renewal during regular business hours?
8. Will I get my registration and decal immediately?
9. What are the payment options?