Public Defender

State Seal
Michael A. Hensley
Public Defender
Shelby County, Alabama

The purpose of the Office of the Public Defender is to safeguard individual rights in all criminal and related matters, from arrest or confinement through all stages of the criminal proceedings  including trial, if any, consistent with  applicable laws, court rules, and rules of professional responsibility.   Our primary function is to provide the zealous assistance of effective defense counsel in all criminal and related proceedings.

The Shelby County Public Defender's Office is the second oldest Public Defender office in the State of Alabama and serves the 18th Judicial Circuit of Alabama.  The Office opened in 1991 with Mr. Bob Williams as Public Defender. Michael A. Hensley was appointed as Public Defender in August, 2020.

Our team is comprised of Assistant Public Defenders, Legal Assistants, Social Workers, Investigators and other staff. Our attorneys represent individuals charged with state felony or misdemeanor offenses including capital murder. Our attorneys even represent clients in Drug Court.

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