What Do I Need to Bring

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to register my BOAT?

to register a VEHICLE I have PURCHASED?

to register my VEHICLE when MOVING from another state?

if moving from another county WITHIN Alabama?

to register a VINTAGE vehicle?

to transfer title from a DECEASED owner?

to register a REPOSSESSED vehicle?

if my NAME has changed? 

for a vehicle RECONSTRUCTED with a GLIDER KIT?

if I have assembled my vehicle or trailer from PARTS?

(An alteration of any kind on a title voids the assignment. Liquid paper voids the entire title and a replacement title must be issued.)

NOTE: IN ALL CASES If there are two owners and their names are joined by "and,” both owners must be present to sign the title application or one has to send an original notarized Power of Attorney. If there are two owners with no connecting word, it is considered "and." If names are joined by "or," only one owner is needed to register the vehicle. Each owner reflected on the vehicle title must present a valid government issued driver's license or non driver's ID.

Disclaimer: This information is only a summary of title and registration procedures and not intended to be a complete explanation of Act 200-565.

This information provided by the Shelby County License Department is the most current and thorough information available to help expedite your transaction. The license department regards every transaction as unique however we have only addressed the most common types of transactions and provided you the basic information to assist you with the documents needed before your visit to our license offices. Since every situation cannot be foreseen we encourage you to include any additional documentation you may deem pertinent to your transaction. For your convenience we also encourage you to use the printable checklists that are available within the text.