To Register a Repossessed Vehicle?

What Do I Need To Bring To Register A Repossessed Vehicle

  • A properly completed repossession affidavit (Motor Vehicle Form 15-1) or the equivalent form if the vehicle was repossessed out of state.
  • The title which is properly signed by the person repossessing the vehicle
  • A Bill of Sale which includes a complete description of the vehicle, the date sold, the amount paid for the vehicle, the name of the buyer and seller along with both of their signatures.
  • A valid (non-expired) Driver’s License or State issued ID for each owner. (The names on the driver’s license/ID must match the names on the paperwork and must be the owner’s current legal name)
  • Proof of Insurance for the vehicle  (insurance provider must be licensed to do business in Alabama)
 Download a printable checklist here
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This information provided by the Shelby County License Department is the most current and thorough information available to help expedite your transaction. The license department regards every transaction as unique however we have only addressed the most common types of transactions and provided you the basic information to assist you with the documents needed before your visit to our license offices. Since every situation cannot be foreseen we encourage you to include any additional documentation you may deem pertinent to your transaction. For your convenience we also encourage you to use the printable checklists that are available within the text