Regulations & Controls

Leash Law 

State of Alabama Leash Law Section 3-1-5, Code of Alabama 1975

This law applies only to dogs. Animal Control can only collect a dog in violation of the leash law if it does not have a current rabies tag. The State of Alabama Department of Health and Shelby County recognizes a current rabies immunization as being a vaccination within a one year period. Should a citizen contact Animal Control with a complaint concerning a possible leash law violation, the county will mail a notice letter to the possible dog owner. The complainant can elect to report to the Sheriff's Office for the processing of a written complaint and subsequently take action through the District Attorney's office if need be. The owner of a dog in violation of the leash law can be subject to a misdemeanor offense and payment of a fine of $2.00 to $50.00 if a warrant is processed against them. 

Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats will be captured and transported, if possible, as determined by the Animal Control Officer in the field, to the Animal Shelter located on McDow Road in Columbiana if they are not wearing evidence of a current rabies immunization. The Animal Shelter is operated by the Humane Society of Shelby County Inc. through a contract with the county. 

Other Animals (Raccoons, snakes, etc.)

Animal Control will provide limited capturing and/or destroying of animals who are endangering citizens. Animal Control cannot perform services due to animal causing property damage.