FAQ - Handicap License Plate or Placard

How do I obtain a handicapped license or placard?

The Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division Administrative Rule 810-5-1.225 Disability Access Parking Privileges details when and how disability access parking privileges can be obtained.

An MVR 32-6-230 Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges must be submitted in its original form to the license issuing official.  The form must be signed by the physician (not stamped) and must indicate whether the disability is permanent or temporary.

The form must be signed by the recipient or legal guardian and must be accompanied by a driver’s license or state issued ID. If a photo ID is not available please contact one of our local offices for further instructions.

Important things to know about handicapped plates and placards.

  • The recipient’s name must be on the vehicle registration in order to receive a handicapped plate.
  • There is no limit to the number of handicapped plates that can be issued in the recipient’s name as long as their name appears on the registration. However, if the recipient has a plate in his or her name they are only eligible for one placard. If there are no plates issued in the recipient’s name and the condition is permanent then two placards can be issued.
  • Temporary placards can only be issued in 6 months increments and only one placard can be issued at a time.
  • For temporary placards the physician must indicate the length of temporary disability which cannot exceed 6 months. Any mark overs on the dates or dates exceeding 6 months void the application and a new application will be required.
  • A police report is required if a tag or placard is being replaced for a second time due to being lost or stolen.

The original signed form may be scanned directly in and sent to the license office; however, a scanned photo copy of the original form is unacceptable. (Example: a photo copy taken with a mobile device or other electronic means of picture taking)